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Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that is spread to humans by infected blacklegged ticks, tiny spider-like insects found in woodland areas and tall grass. Their bites are not painful, so you may not realize that you have one attached to your skin. The longer the tick is in place, the higher the risk of infection.

Lyme disease is caused by the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria, present in many different animals including mice, deer, pheasants and blackbirds.  Ticks can then transfer the bacteria to a human by biting them and feeding on their blood after biting an infected animal.

The earliest and most common symptom of Lyme disease is a red circular rash that develops around the area of the bite, 3-30 days after someone is bitten. The rash often resembles a bull’s-eye. You may also experience flu-like symptoms, such as tiredness, headaches and muscle or joint pain. Lyme disease can affect your skin, joints, heart and nervous system.

The Infusio Approach

Due to the multiple complexities of this situation, it is important to approach successful treatment of tick borne disease from a different angle. To focus on restoring foundational functions of our anatomy, all of which are designed to protect us from a microbial takeover.

Using the 5 Steps to Health as well as the principles of cell therapy, Infusio has designed a therapy approach to target the foundational issues of tick borne disease. None of these principles directly address a specific microbe, but all in all they change the environment within the body, to make regaining health more achievable.

Foundational Principles

Immune Response

If your immune system starts working in a
coordinated way, it is really designed to rid
us of bugs. Every breath we take is filled with
microbes, but thanks to our immune system
we normally stay healthy.

Optimize Cells

Lifestyle, stress, bad diet, and microbes
can all change the way our cells function
and deprive them of the nutrients they
need to repair themselves. By helping
the cells work the way they should it
makes it very difficult for microbes to
take over and damage them.

Lower Microbes

Lowering the overall load can only be good.
Targeting single bugs may not really have
the major impact we are looking for. By
stimulating the cell’s own antimicrobial
functions and giving known, natural
antimicrobials, we can take a load
off of the immune system.

Repair Cell Signaling

Once the bug load has messed up the way our
cells talk to one another chaos rules in our
bodies. Hormones go up and down, as do
neurotransmitters and other substances. Cell
therapy has a systemic effect to reset and
re-regulate the cell signaling.

Repair Damage

Cell therapy, especially with stem cells,
has the ability to repair and restore.
Stem cells can replace tissue that has
been damaged and repair organ structures.

Reverse Damage

We can’t fix bad genes, but we can help repair
the cumulative damage. Often, genetic mutation
impairs a certain function within the cell e.g.
the ability to detox. Reversing the accumulative
damage does not correct the genetic dysfunction
but it can alleviate the symptoms and reset the



Relieve pain, promote deep muscle relaxation and blood circulation while stimulating muscle and metabolic function to support healing

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Replace a broad range of vitamin deficiencies, boost vitamin levels in the body, and increase bio availability of essential nutrients directly through the blood stream.

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Repair, restore, and regenerate damaged tissue.

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Delivers high levels of oxygen to the bloodstream to regenerate tissue, reduce oxidative stress, pain and inflammation, and promote release of stem cells

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Support and restore thymus function, improving immune system

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increases the amount of oxygen delivered to your blood to promote healthy tissue function, decrease healing time, minimize injury and help fight infection.

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Deliver infrared light to the body to encourage cell growth to improve tissue repair, reduce oxidative stress, pain and inflammation.

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The Lymphatic system is the body’s drainage system. Nutrients and waste from the cells are transported through the lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage helps reduce cellulitis, swelling, and water retention. It is also used to assist in detoxification.


This active release technique is used to aid healing and stimulate muscle and metabolic function while relieving pain and promoting deep muscle relaxation


Global Diagnostics is an alternative whole body scanning and treatment system from Germany based on bioenergetics

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This formula contains minerals, vitamins and amino acids to support cell function, regulated detoxification, emotional health and restorative sleep. It’s designed to enhance pur IV supportive therapies.


Our specialist will analyze how hormonal imbalances can be addressed in order to promote better metabolism and emotional health as well as neurotransmitter function


Using the raw data from 23andME® our team determines up to three basic supplements to support your genetic SNPs.





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